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This is a competitive scuba diving game where you must navigate the deep sea in order to collect treasure and escape back to your boat. Be wary of friends as they can hunt you down for your loot and steal it to win the game. You will need 4 gamepads to play!

Note: If you do not have 4 gamepads to start the game or wish to play solo, press space bar on the main menu to start the game.

Note: If you wish to play on the keyboard you can use 1, 2, 3 and 4 keys to select player and the arrow keys to move. To use the abilities it is Z, X, A and S keys. THIS WILL ONLY WORK FOR ONE PERSON.

Note: If you get stuck in the wall while using a gamepad you can use the Y button to reset the character, you will lose your treasure! This will only work for gamepads, not keyboard. 

Credits - 

Peter Hainsworth

James O' Connell 

Wesley Habbershaw 

Ethan Martin 

Install instructions

Download the installer

If a box appears saying "we protected your pc etc" click more info down the bottom right and then run anyway

Allow it to make changes 

Agree to license 

Click next 

Choose where you want to save it

Click install

Once complete click next

Click finish


Dive.exe 35 MB

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